Monday, August 26, 2013


Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. 

I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

24th Jan 2013

Time flies fast. I have finished my semester 3's final exam. And now started to enjoy my holiday in hometown. Oh ya, I should mentioned here, the final exam was really suffering me a lot. I lack of sleeping time for my body. I always torturing my stomach with coffee. And the big problem is in the end I think i gonna fail some papers somemore. YOU SEE! So God bless me please. *Finger crossing*

Suffering around 1 month and i feel that the sem break is too short for me. 1 month include chinese new year week and then i gonna back to jail and fight for new sem with my coursemates.
Even an independent people, sometimes they did miss their home right.
The warm concern that given by family members. That kind of feeling, i couldn't describe by words so far. So i hope you can get what i mean.

Within the last semester 3, a lot of happy and unhappy things happened in my life. And if i have to list down here, it's gonna become a book. But i can simplified it, the unhappy things did let me grow up more and more, understood a lot of things that i never know before. Relationship or friendship problem. Whereas the happy things colored my life become more interesting and colourful. My life should described as a drawing book actually. You will never get bored if you could have a chance to get into my life.

Alright. Today is a public holiday. My house area here is very quiet till i could hear next door neighbour's conversation with her small kid. Cause that aunty shouted to her children. Poor kid poor kid. Others I think most of them are staying inside their house enjoy watching tv or sleeping. My mother and brother are the examples. Ofelia and Vivian are going out to eat cendol that ofelia craving so much. She keep mentioned how nice and how delicious of the cendol since yesterday. And now you might wonder what im doing right now. My situation is half tired half sleepy so im staying inside my room doing my stuff. Alright im gonna edit photo now. Bye people. Happy holiday :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wealth comes from the depth of your heart

What you really want is happiness. You might believe that a fat bank account will get you there, but that's false. Happy people are happy rich or poor, unhappy people are unhappy rich or poor.

Money simply masks your real being by giving you activities to occupy your mind. Don't fool yourself, recession or not, your true wealth comes from your heart and is always only there.

And now i just want to be happy with my current life.  Thats simple.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Listener WANTED (:

Sometimes i wish i could have a listener.
A listener who is willing to lend out his/ her ears whenever i need.
A listener who could give me opinion or advice.
A listener who is willing to keep my things as secret.

Smile is the easiest way to hide the pain.
Look at me closely.
You will see the girl I am just isn't me. Maybe...sometimes.
Don't worry, i'm okay. Teehee. :)

Need a listener, but not speaker nor amplifier.
Is a pair of ears to listen but not a mouth to share out my things.
I know it's diffcult to find.
Well, but I know one day i could find you. *Finger crossing. :)

Good night. Happy friday my friend. :D

Friday, December 30, 2011

Holidays turn week

Here i come! Time flies like an arrow, first semester in my course finished.     Homework, group projects, paperwork, report, assignment.. Omg! No wonder i have no social life. Start studying for finals, but i think my photographic memory card now is totally full. Urgh, my brain has exploded from too much info. 

And I just want to say :

This is the way how i study. Okay i know, ignore my messy hair please. Hahaha. 

The best ever medicine when stress comes. I need them always, thank you Vitagen. (:

Owh ohh, break time finished. Time to study.. Bye.:(

Thursday, July 28, 2011


一年了,外婆不在我们身边的日子一年了,亲人们心里想问的问题都一样,都是那一句,过得还好吗? 回想去年刚过完自己的生日后,不久残酷的事实就找上门,人生往往乐中带悲,所以那一年的生日愿望没实现,永远也不。


手术前一晚,我打个电话给她加油,要她一定要撑下去。她很可爱,我还没开口,就问我吃饱了没,不要太迟睡......原来,那是我们的最后一通电话。:'(  机会不常常有,而我却再也没机会了。

当天考完试,外婆才正准备进手术房,那时觉得好庆幸,心想:赶得及,赶得及。房门一开,一眼看到的就是一个好慈祥的笑容,让人的心里觉得好舒服,印象好深刻。"都说不用来了,干嘛还赶来"  "哎呀,医院离学校很近,走路五六分钟就到了,很快的"。那一段走去手术房的路是外婆自己走的,也是我最后一次在她的后面看她自己走路。到了手术房时,她的笑容是勉强的,紧张的心情都表露在脸上。她最疼二舅了,看着二舅紧紧握着外婆的手说,"我们都在外面为你加油",那时的外婆,是勇敢的。

有些难关不是一次就能成功,有了第一次手术就会有第二,第三..... ;不乐观的事接二连三地发生,她的身体就再也撑不了,手上插满了许多管子,变得好瘦,好瘦....每个手术都让她的身体状况变得越来越虚弱,ICU的房门大家都不想再踏入。最终大家都选择说了谎,处处隐瞒她的病情就是为了不要让她放弃。其实有些事情不知道比知道来得更好,对她说谎的舅舅阿姨们其实心中流了无数的泪。半年的生命时间,两个月的生命时间,短短几天内又缩短成两天的时间,半夜打来的电话总是让人提心吊胆。那时我好恨上天的绝情,一个机会让外婆说出自己的遗言也没给。




Saturday, June 25, 2011

June twenty-fifth's diary :)

..listening Touching Heart by SeeYa now. Oh my, I've got this song on the brain, that slushy emotional music. Have a listen if you love emotional song because it has plaintive melody. Kay, back to topic, last post was like a month ago. Hmmmm, busy and lazy.

But anyway, things are fine if don't mention about my work. Dad always said working is good, bla bla blahhh...You know, old saying. Well, the job is good, just i want to stop it with no reason. 'Just said you're lazy.' said mum. Ohh no mum, you're really my mum, nobody could read my mind except you. ;) Aiyoh, university life's coming soon, so should have holiday to relax and prepare some stuffs before go into jail life, right?

Tsk tsk tsk, korean infection, addicted on korean drama recently. Ohh yes, i'm willing to sacrifice my sleeping time to it although the next morning have to work. Dad said i'm crazy. I don't think so, it's normal to youngster having an owl life like me. And dear weather, i know you're hot, don't need to show off. Uhhh, It's HOTTTTT. You make me sick. :(

Oh yea babeh, today sick, take leave, FREEEEdom! So i plan to clean up my room especially wardrobe, floor, desk, window,....kay, is everything actually. :/ You know, my mum like to complain my things are in a muddle, tidy up your room please or you might at least tidy up your desk..... At first i'm very excited when start to tidy up my wardrobe. Mind's thinking: Nyehehe, clothes don't fit in, just throw, THROW! Then i can buy new one. But....... is nothing to throw in the end. Uhh uhh, dissatisfied. La la lah, next step is to bath they two and let them have a sunbathe seen sun's so hot and spicy today. Well, I know i'm a good owner. :DD  Realized today just done wardrobe part, others no yet touch. Nevermind next time, dinner time reach, eat is more important. Bye people, bye saturday!  :)